Conveying the Brand Identity in Visual Merchandising

Conveying the Brand Identity in Visual Merchandising

Conveying the Brand Identity in Visual Merchandising

In this lesson, we will learn what brand identity is, and why it’s important to the customer. We will explore how brands can communicate that brand identity to the customer by using visual elements that represent specific qualities of the brand. These visual elements include the brand logo, brand colors and patterns, and the brand mark. Also, decorative objects can communicate cultural aspects of the brand, and this helps customers relate to the brand emotionally.

For the most successful brands, customers become so familiar with these visuals that they are a stand-in for the brand itself. When we see them, we immediately think about the brand. We’ll look at the best brands, and explore how they send us a message about their brand identity.

Module Description Step
1 The Brand Identity 1-8
2 Visual Elements Communicate the Brand Identity 1-3
3 Tiffany: Brand Color 1-8
4 Anthropologie: Crafting Creative Displays 1-10
5 Burberry: Brand Colors and Pattern 1-6
6 Nike: Brand Mark 1-6
7 Hermes: Brand Color and Visual Humor 1-8
8 Ralph Lauren: American Heritage and Decorative Cultural Elements 1-17
9 Louis Vuitton: The Logo, the Monogram, and the Trunk 1-4
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MODULE 1 • The Brand Identity

Step Description
1 I’m in love with this brand: Coach. I think the designs are fun and exciting, the colors are great, and I generally have a very high opinion of it. I feel like buying Coach products, and I love to tell my friends about what I’ve bought. I think it would be really great if my friends also decided to buy Coach products.
2 But it wasn’t always this way. I used to think Coach made high quality handbags, but boring handbags… good leather that would last a lifetime, but certainly not very exciting, not a brand that I wanted to buy. Coach was a good brand, but not anything to show off to my friends. That’s how most people have thought about the Coach brand… for years.
3 But something changed to make my feelings shift about this brand. Suddenly, it looks like Coach is much more interesting. I now see this brand itself as something I like and might want to buy. I see Coach as more fun, more relevant to life.

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