Female Croquis Templates

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Download Instructions

  1. After clicking to download the croquis featured on this page, save the downloaded file to your desktop, or to a folder
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Use of the Croquis

Print out any one of our many different dotted line croquis and sketch your ideas directly onto it. You can also load our croquis into Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator so that you can add your own design layers on top. Many people like to customize their croquis by printing out one of our solid line croquis and then tracing their desired changes onto a sheet of tracing paper. We recommend that you learn the art of fashion drawing and develop your own drawing style. Employers and fashion schools want to see the quality of you own drawing style, so don't use our croquis templates for job applications, school projects or fashion school applications. We hope that our croquis templates inspire you and help you to successfully map out your unique designs.

Female Croquis Templates

These templates come in both dotted and solid line variations with body guide lines for you to follow. They include front, back, and side poses.

Female Croquis Templates

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