Introduction to Visual Merchandising

Introduction to Visual Merchandising

Introduction to Visual Merchandising

In this lesson, we will learn about visual merchandising, a system that retailers use in their store to create excitement and interest for their target market.

We’ll learn about using a planogram for merchandising presentation, which is the organizational system of the products in the store, and visual merchandising, which is the creative part.

And then we’ll introduce how visual merchandising uses the display, an important tool in showing how the clothing will look on the body.

Visual merchandising is the very plan to use to communicate to the customer what the brand is all about.

Module Description Step
1 What is Visual Merchandising? 1-7
2 The Store Exterior & Store Window Display 1-5
3 The Store Interior Design 1-9
4 Store Interior: Merchandising Presentation & Visual Merchandising 1-11
5 The Planogram – How Space is Used 1-12
6 The Customer Experience 1-6
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MODULE 1 • What is Visual Merchandising?

Step Description
1 This is the Introduction to Visual Merchandising and it’s Part 1 in our visual merchandising series.
2 When we walk into a store, we usually know within about three seconds whether we want to stay there and shop, or whether we just want to turn and leave. We know right away whether we are going to find something we like, or whether it’s going to be a waste of time.
3 How could we know this, when we haven’t even spent more than 3 seconds there?


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