The pattern making lessons are spot on! I love that they are to the point and don’t drag on forever!
An example: I tried another organization’s subscription for pattern-making. The bodice sloper segment was FIVE HOURS. I never made it past two hours. At that point, there still was no drafting on paper.
The truly awesome thing about UoF is having content at your fingertips without having to dig through YouTube or Google.
While it helps to have some formal training to use UoF, the lessons are straightforward, and with practice, you can make what you set out to make.

Maria Brown
UoF Subscriber 2023, Fashion Entrepreneur, Tacoma, Washington

So happy that this technique (tambour embroidery) is being taught. I have a degree in fashion design and I have learned more from UofFashion than I did at my university. I asked my professors back in college about this technique and they said it's too much to teach and they will never teach that, which was so disappointing. Thanks you to all the educators at UofFashion. I really love all courses that you offer.

Ally Jones
UoF Subscriber

Francesca, thank you. Let me take a moment and compliment you on a wonderful on line educational program in fashion design. As a dentist, this program fits so nicely into my work schedule. I've always wanted to study fashion design but deviated a bit from my love. Nonetheless, I've been studying with you this year and look forward to renewing for the coming year. I purchased your textbooks, so clear, so organized! So glad I discovered your program.

Robin Birns
UoF Subscriber

I live in Canada and I'm currently trying to start a small home based business. I attend George Brown College in Toronto studying fashion techniques and design. All or most all of your lessons are what we are taught in school. I am currently on a journey to learn pattern making. It's quite a struggle as I am not very good at math. Your website is like a second school for me whenever I struggle with assignments and tasks. Your site is amazing and extremely helpful.

Amaka Njoku
UoF Subscriber

I spoke with the fashion department yesterday and everyone LOVES U of F. The students who are using it are getting better grades and results than those who aren't.

Martha Neth
Director of Learning Commons, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Since finding your most fabulous website and all its magic, I have been engaged, enlightened and inspired more and more. In fact, I would even go so far as to confess to you, finding your course has given me back my life. This isn't hyperbole or lip service as, last Christmas, I lost my father to a long-term illness and, for a while there it rather felt like my life was over too. The world just seemed to stop. I didn't know how to cope with it or deal with the grief. The one thing that was immediately clear was that however prepared we 'think' we are, we are not. The content of your course videos, the huge scope of areas covered, and the blog has utterly won a place in my heart. With each lesson I've worked through and completed, I have just absolutely immersed myself and thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey (including all the learning curves, the first bodice sloper was interesting to say the least!).

Mia-Louise Connor
UoF Subscriber

As an industry, we haven't done our job in educating the next generation, there's a skills gap and Alvanon has always made it a priority to bridge that gap. That's why we commend and champion the work the University of Fashion is doing. Modernizing education by meeting students where they are - in their homes and on-line - will help provide the future generation with the necessary foundation to be successful and to ensure the success of the apparel industry in the future.

Janice Wang
CEO, Alvanon

Unlike the amateur videos of variable quality one finds on YouTube, lessons here are scripted and hosted by professional designers...Each section recommends a watching sequence, moving from fundamentals through intermediate to advanced practices, and comes with this note: "You'll learn the most from these lessons by doing exactly what the teachers are doing, using your own materials." Years ago, when learning how to draft patterns, this reviewer discovered that in fashion designing, nothing beats practice. One has to ask if students can use this service instead of enrolling in college. The simple answer—yes. However, one must be self-directed, motivated, and have the toughness to try (and fail) many times before mastering skills. According to the site's FAQ, a team of fashion designers is available to answer both lesson-related and general questions about fashion careers. All designers need to be resourceful and outgoing, using social networks like Etsy or Pinterest to get feedback. Even if students decide later to enroll in fashion school, what they learn via the University of Fashion will jump-start their career.

C. Donaldson
North Seattle College, for American Library Association's Choice (March 2018 Issue)

The UoF patternmaking lesson, Basic Bodice Sloper, was the most clear cut and helpful tutorial I have come across. The best part was seeing how a correct draft should look. After I drafted the model measurements I went on to draft a bodice using my daughter's measurements and just by looking at and comparing key elements I could tell that I had made an error somewhere in her measurements. I re-measured, re-drafted and produced a very suitable bodice sloper for her. What a great opportunity to see and hear and actually follow along for anyone looking to add to their skill set.

Laura Scott
UoF Subscriber

Perfect on the job training for companies that want to stay current.

Jeanette Nostra
Senior Advisor, Board member: GIII Apparel Group

The University of Fashion Online is the most valuable tool that I found in relation to Fashion. It is a complement to my education. It is well structured and very complete. I am grateful to Francesa Sterlacci for having created it. I am also grateful to her Team for their contributions and great effort to put it all together. I love it! it is fascinating. I highly recommend it.

Espie Egger
UoF Subscriber - Switzerland

 I have always loved fabrics. I didn't know how to make a pattern or put it together. In 2015 I came across to this site and ever since I've been working on it, i have been trying to learn some of it, especially sewing drafting and draping. I have learned some, 😁 yay!! I'm finally making my own clothes! I know there is a lot more to learn and I'm looking forward to it. I'm thankful for this site.

Lizeth Tarver
UoF Subscriber

I have always wanted to attend a Fashion Design School, but life just didn't allow it. I am a fashion designer, but one who is self taught. Now I can polish my skills with classes from University of Fashion. I am starting my 3rd year with UofF and love it. My teachers are often from the same Fashion Design School I always wanted to attend. Being part of UofF has enabled me not only to learn new skills but to validate the skills I already have.

Linda Stewart
Linda Stewart Couture Designs

I was lagging behind in class and didn’t remember all the lessons my professor taught, so I went to the demos on University of Fashion for help. Thanks to the great demos I received a really good grade on the project!

Chanica Pitaksakorn
Fashion Institute of Technology, Student

I am really happy to get a fashion education at my place as I couldn't go and attend a fashion design University abroad. I have finished beginner fashion art, draping, pattern making, now I am on the sewing lessons. I don't think any improvement is required, its the best. I shared what I learned with a friend who has achieved a degree from an actual design University, she told me even I was taught the same way and she really couldn't believe I getting an fashion design education online. So this makes me more happier and blessed to get what I dreamt of.

Nihal Solanki
UoF Subscriber

These tutorials are incredibly empowering with all the know-how needed to go from novice to pro. They are taught by skilled professionals and the accompanying transcripts are great for thorough recaps. I love their video format and their precision visual close-ups with clear and methodical voice-overs explaining all that I was seeing. So many eureka moments for me as I am sure there will be for you, too. It's a must have for everyone that needs formal technical training in design and design-related fields.

Patricia Clyne
NYC fashion designer

The University of Fashion is an exciting new video library for anyone interested in fashion and the fashion industry. The how-to videos feature short, concise lessons that are focused on individual techniques. This valuable resource will be a useful tool for fashion students, professionals, and home-sewers.

Claire Shaeffer
Vogue Patterns Designer, Author

University of Fashion is a big hit with Westchester Library System member libraries and their patrons. It’s a fabulous resource that has inspired new programming in the libraries and encourages creative makerspaces for patrons of all ages. They love the site’s easy navigation, the quality of the lessons and vast amount of curated information.

Patricia Braja
Westchester Library System, Director of Development

Everyone in the fashion industry, whether a student, a hobby aficionado or a professional should have a great resource for reference and support. University of Fashion provides the "how to" at every level for the first timers or just a refresher for the experts. A must have asset.

Saul Kapilivsky
Miami International University of Art & Design, Professor

The University of Fashion is an awesome new online resource for learning the basics of sewing and design.

Kara McGrath
Seventeen Magazine

The University of Fashion is a wonderful resource for starting a fashion club or adding to existing art classes. It has everything you need from fashion "how-to" lessons to lectures on how to prepare a fashion college portfolio. We added a fashion show component to our annual fundraising gala, featuring our fashion club members' work and now the event is a hit!

Tim Molak
Woodside Priory School, CA. Headmaster

With legitimate professors from F.I.T., Parsons, and other esteemed fashion design schools leading the lessons, it’s the next best thing, at the very least. It’s certainly better than YouTube.

Dhani Mau

Thank you!! Your site really does have magnificent tutorials for novice and advance illustrators! Def glad I became a member. I have already recommended it to friends.

Rafael de Peña
High School of the Fashion Industries and FIDM graduate

Thank you for sharing your videos and your adept knowledge with me. I am so happy to gain some insight into this new sewing world! My mission is to make my own clothes. When I was a girl my girlfriend's mom made all her clothes and they were so nice and I was so envious. Now that I am retired I have the chance to do that for myself and others. You have given me a much better understanding!

Sharon Heslop
UoF Subscriber

I just want to say that I am eternally grateful for this amazing site as it is truly helping me so much on my journey as a self-taught fashion designer! This concept of offering these courses online is easy for me to follow, and I love that I can pause and come back when I get more time to continue working. I just upgraded to 1 year as I know that I will learn so much! This is really the greatest thing that has happened to me in a long time and I thank you again!

Pip Addis
UoF Subscriber

In the changing world of education, the University of Fashion has created a valuable library resource for students, teachers and schools. Their online fashion videos are a must-have in any school library. Not only do their how-to lessons provide a solid foundation in fashion design but their lectures on costume history, trend forecasting and the business of fashion provide a well-rounded, birds-eye view of the fashion industry.

Dr. Kathryn Simon
Parsons The New School for Design, Assistant Professor

I have been teaching middle and high school for over 30 years and today I stand in awe of this amazing fashion tool. The University of Fashion video series is simply too good to be true. Every video is factual and correct. As I watch each video, I say; this is exactly how I teach this. The plus for me is that I do not need to do a demo over and over again before students get it. They can just watch these videos and also broaden their skills even beyond my knowledge. I am so grateful to be introduced to the University of Fashion.

Callie Melton
Fashion Design Services Instructor/A.P.P.S Chair/FCCLA Advisor/Fort Lauderdale High School