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CAD Fashion Art

Our Computer Assisted Design (CAD) art lessons were created for the fashion designer, fashion merchandiser and product developer/technical designer. You will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator® for Flats and Adobe Photoshop® for Surface Design. Our Adobe InDesign® lessons will enable you to create line sheets and your portfolio. Click on any lesson picture, below, to learn more about that lesson. Note: You'll learn the most from our lessons by doing exactly what the teacher is doing using your own software and supplies.


Recommended Lesson Order
We recommend mastering our beginner hand-drawing-based Fashion Art lessons before you tackle these CAD fashion art lessons. Our hand-drawing art lessons will help you to understand the proportions of the human body and familiarize you with the sorts of styles and body types other designers, clients, customers and retail buyers expect to see. Our CAD lessons utilize Adobe Illustrator®, Photoshop® or InDesign®. You can subscribe to these apps from Adobe’s cloud-based service, Creative Cloud. Click here to view their pricing and plans.

Introduction To Adobe Illustrator (AI) for Fashion Design – #1
Create and Modify a New File With Open Palettes in AI – #2
Drawing Pockets, Buttons and Belt Loops in AI – #3
Adjusting and Coloring Flat Illustrations in AI – #4
Adjust and Resize a Pocket in a Flat Illustration in AI – #5
Adobe Illustrator: Moving, Copying & Arranging Objects – #6
Aligning & Distributing Objects in AI – #7
The Pen Tool: Drawing & Editing Paths in AI – #8
Reflecting & Joining Paths in AI – #9
Adobe Illustrator: The Pathfinder – #10
Adobe Illustrator: Working With Layers – #11
Fashion Drawings & the Front Flat Croquis in AI – #12
Women’s T-Shirt Front Flat in AI – #13
Women’s T-Shirt Flat Details (Topstitch & Ribbing) in AI – #14
Women’s T-­Shirt Flat Details in AI – #15
Basic Pant (Pants)/Jean Front Flat in AI – Part 1- #16
Basic Pant (Pants)/Jean Front Flat in AI – Part 2 – #17
Basic Jean Front & Back Flat in AI – Part 3 – #18
Front & Back Skirt View in AI – #19
Basic Button-Through Shirt in AI – Part 1 – #20
Basic Button-Through Shirt in AI – Part 2 – #21
Double-Breasted Coat in AI – Part 1-#22
Double-Breasted Coat in AI – Part 2-#23
Creating Patterns in Illustrator – #24
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop for Fashion Design-#1
Manipulating Images in Adobe Photoshop-#2
Adding Type and Type Effects in Adobe Photoshop-#3
Drawing and Filling Shapes in Adobe Photoshop-#4
Cleaning Up Your Fashion Scan in Adobe Photoshop #5
Introduction to Procreate for Fashion Design
Drawing the Female Frontal Croquis Pose in Procreate
Creating Custom Brushes in Adobe Illustrator


Drawing a String Bikini Bottom
Drawing a String Bikini Top
Drawing a String Bikini Top
CAD Fashion Art
Introduction to Textile Print Design
Drawing a Swimsuit Block Template in Illustrator