CAD Fashion Art

CAD Fashion Art

Our art lessons using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) tools were created with the fashion designer, fashion merchandiser and product developer/technical designer in mind. You will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator® for Flats and Adobe Photoshop® for Surface Design. Our Adobe InDesign® lessons will enable you to create line sheets and your portfolio.

We recommend viewing our CAD lessons in the order indicated on each title. Enjoy!

Note: You'll learn the most from these lessons by doing exactly what the teachers are doing, using your own software and related materials


Introduction To Adobe Illustrator (AI) for Fashion Design – #1
Create and Modify a New File With Open Palettes in AI – #2
Drawing Pockets, Buttons and Belt Loops in AI #3
Adjusting and Coloring Flat Illustrations in AI – #4
Adjust and Resize a Pocket in a Flat Illustration in AI – #5
Adobe Illustrator: Arranging Objects – #6
Aligning & Distributing Objects in AI – #7
The Pen Tool: Drawing & Editing Paths in AI – #8
Reflecting & Joining Paths in AI – #9
Adobe Illustrator: The Pathfinder – #10
Adobe Illustrator: Working With Layers – #11
Fashion Drawings & the Front Flat Croquis in AI – #12
Womens T-Shirt Front Flat in AI – #13
Womens T-Shirt Flat Details (Topstitch & Ribbing) in AI – #14
Womens T-­Shirt Flat Details  (Pocket, Backview & Color) in AI – #15
Basic Pant/Jean Front Flat in AI – Part 1- #16
Basic Pant/Jean Front Flat in AI – Part 2 – #17
Basic Jean Front & Back Flat in AI – Part 3 – #18
Front & Back Skirt View in AI- #19
Basic Button Through Shirt in AI – Part 1 – #20
Basic Button Through Shirt in AI – Part 2 – #21
Double Breasted Coat in AI – Part 1
Double Breasted Coat in AI – Part 2