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Fly Front Zipper

Fly Front Zipper

This lesson is how to sew the fly front zipper, a popular zipper that is often used on jeans, trousers and skirts. This lesson begins by showing you how to sew the crotch seam of the pant sampler and then how to change your machine foot to a zipper foot, in preparation for setting the zipper. You will learn the techniques involved in sewing the fly facing and fly shield, how to insert the zipper to the facing, and how to double-stitch the zipper to the fly shield. You’ll also learn how to finish the zipper, by tacking the facing and shield together at the bottom. Once you have mastered a fly zipper sampler out of muslin, move on to setting one into an actual garment. Add to your zipper library by trying our other zipper lesson samplers.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-4
2 Attach Zipper Left Front 1-7
3 Attach Zipper Right Front 1-6
4 Right Fly Topstitch 1-6
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Step Description
1A For this lesson you will need: a left and a right-pant front, a fly shield, a right-fly interfacing and a zipper.
1B Begin by pressing your interfacing onto the wrong side of the front facing.
2 Fold the facing along the center front line and lightly press.


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