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Pivot Back Shoulder Dart to Back Neckline

Pivot Back Shoulder Dart to Back Neckline

Learn how to pivot a back shoulder dart into a back neck dart. Our technique is quick and easy. We will teach you how to true the dart once it has been repositioned so that you can transfer this back bodice into oaktag and then add it to your sloper library.

For this lesson we have provided free graded bodice slopers (U.S. sizes 2-16)  for you to download, print out and cut out your particular size. Use our Color Map download to help guide you with the cutting process. The UofF Global Size Chart will assist you in locating your size and size equivalent for the UK, Europe and Asia.

Module Description Step
1 Tracing the Back Bodice 1-7
2 Marking the Darts 1-3
3 Trueing the Back Bodice 1-4
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MODULE 1 • Tracing the Back Bodice

Step Description
1 For this lesson you will need your Back Bodice Sloper with a shoulder and waist dart.
2 You will also need 1 piece of unlined white pattern paper that measures 3” (7.62cm) larger than your back sloper on all 4 sides.
3 We will be moving the back shoulder dart to the neckline. Begin by placing a mark on the back neckline of the oaktag sloper, 1” (2.54cm) away from the center back/neck intersection. This will be the back neck dart’s new position.


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