Pivoting a Torso Shoulder Dart to a Waist Dart

Pivoting a Torso Shoulder Dart to a Waist Dart

Pivoting a Torso Shoulder Dart to a Waist Dart

In this lesson you learn how to move your torso sloper’s front shoulder dart to a center waist dart. This block will be useful for creating dresses and a clean looking dress front, when you don’t want the look that a shoulder or a bust dart gives to your design.

The sloper needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our Pattern making lesson: Drafting a Shoulder Dart Bodice Sloper from Measurements, then converted to a fitted torso sloper in our lesson: Convert Bodice Sloper to Fitted Torso Sloper or draped in our lesson: Fitted Torso Sloper and then transferred into oaktag in our lesson: Transfer Torso Sloper to Oaktag.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-4
2 Pivoting the Shoulder Dart 1-5
3 Trueing, Fitting & Transferring the Sloper to Oaktag 1-6
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MODULE 1 • Lesson Prep

Step Description
1 For this lesson, you will need to prepare two pieces of unlined white pattern paper measuring 16” (40.6cm) by 28” (71.1cm) long.
2 You will also need your oaktag fitted torso sloper with a front shoulder dart.
3A So, you are going to trace your fitted sloper onto pattern paper and cut it out. And then you are going to mark the dart leg line closest to center front.

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