Fitted Torso Sloper

Fitted Torso Sloper

Fitted Torso Sloper

This lesson will teach you how to drape a fitted torso, a silhouette that is shaped at the waist and ends at the hip. In this lesson, you will learn all of the fundamental pre-draping procedures including: measuring the dress form to prepare your muslin blocks, measuring, tearing, blocking and pressing your muslin pieces and the importance of adding guidelines, for balancing the grain as you drape.

You will learn how to manipulate the muslin to the contours of the body and the how, why and where of forming darts at the apex and at the waist. We will teach you how to create your 3D draped pattern and then how to mark the drape before transferring it to the table for trueing.

In addition to learning how to drape, you will learn all about the tools and how to use them so that the result is a perfect fitting torso sloper. This sloper can later be used as the foundation for many of your pattern making projects such as blouses, dresses, jackets and coats or you can cut it out of fashion fabric to be worn as a tunic or add length to it and make it a dress! Be sure to download our helpful Fitted Torso Measurement Chart.

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Module Description Step
1 Prepare the Dress Form 1-3
2 Extract Measurements 1-4
3 Prepare Muslin Blocks 1-3
4 Measurements & Mark Guidelines 1-15
5 Draping the Front 1-17
6 Marking the Front 1-10
7 Trueing the Front 1-16
8 Draping the Back 1-18
9 Fitting Torso Sloper 1-10
10 Marking the Torso Sloper 1-16
11 Trueing the Torso Sloper 1-21
12 Final Steps 1-5
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Step Description
1 The first step is to apply style tape to your dress form to establish guidelines. For bust level, tape from left apex to right apex and then to the side seam. Make sure that the style tape is parallel to the floor.
2 On center back, measure from the neckline to the waist and divide that measurement by 4, to get your shoulder blade level. Place style tape across the shoulder blade level from center back to the armhole, parallel to the floor.
3A On center front, measure 7” (17.8cm) down from the middle of the waist tape to find the hipline.

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