Transfer Torso Sloper to Oaktag

Transfer Torso Sloper to Oaktag

Transfer Torso Sloper to Oaktag

This lesson will teach you how to take your draped, fitted torso sloper and transfer it to oaktag. Once you learn how to transfer your sloper to paper and from paper to oaktag, you will be able to use the fitted torso sloper for all of your pattern making needs. The fitted oaktag sloper is the foundation block used in the industry for creating just about every blouse and dress.

Once you have created this sloper, view our lesson on how to Convert a Fitted Torso Sloper into a Suit Sloper to create a jacket.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-9
2 Trace Front Sloper to Paper 1-13
3 True Front Sloper 1-13
4 Trace & True Back Sloper 1-18
5 Transfer Torso Paper Sloper to Oaktag 1-6
6 True Oaktag Sloper 1-8
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Step Description
1 For this lesson, you will need your draped torso sloper muslin that you prepared in our lesson on how to drape a Torso Sloper.
2 You will also need to prepare a piece of white unlined pattern paper measuring 32” (81.3cm) square.
3 Draw a line 2” (5.1cm) away from the lengthwise edge of the paper on both sides.


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