Draping A Child's Bodice Sloper

Draping A Child’s Bodice Sloper

Draping A Child’s Bodice Sloper

This is your introduction to childrenswear using a child’s dress/pant form, also known as a child’s full form. Once you have downloaded our Children’s Armhole Depth Chart and our Child Bodice Sloper Measurement Form, you are ready to learn how to drape a boy and girl basic bodice sloper. This sloper is the foundation for many of your boy and girl pattern drafts and designs.

The bodice sloper needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our draping lesson: Draping a Child’s Bodice Sloper. Another option is to download, print out and cut-out your desired size from the 2-6X Child Bodice Sloper Nest that we have provided with this lesson. Use our Child Sloper Nest Color Map to assist you when cutting. Be sure to view our lesson on how to draft a child’s sleeve sloper from measurements.


Module Description Step
1 Prepare the Dress Form 1-2
2 Extract Measurements 1-3
3 Prepare Muslin Blocks 1
4 Measurements and Mark Guidelines 1-5
5 Draping the Front 1-8
6 Marking the Front 1-7
7 Draping the Back 1-8
8 Marking the Back 1-4
9 Trueing the Front and Back Side Seams 1-2
10 Trueing the Front 1-5
11 Trueing the Back 1-6
12 Pinning the Back Dart and Side Seams 1-2
13 Trueing the Waistline and Final Steps 1-4
14 Placing the Drape Back on the Dress Form 1-5
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MODULE 1 • Prepare the Dress Form

Step Description
1 Our first step is going to be to prepare the dress form.
2A We need to place a tape along the shoulder blade level. In order to find where to place the tape, we need to measure the dress form, from the neckline straight down to the bottom of the waistline tape.
2B We will then take the tape measure, and divide that measurement in quarters. So we’ll take our tape measure, fold it in half and then fold the top portion in half again, to get the measurement of where we will be placing our style tape.

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