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Draft Straight Skirt Sloper

Draft Straight Skirt Sloper

Once you have downloaded our Straight Skirt Measurement Form, you are ready to begin the skirt draft. In this lesson, you will learn how to measure and extract key measurements for drafting the skirt. You will also learn about dart placement so that you end up with a skirt block foundation that will become the basis for most of your future skirt designs.

Module Description Step
1 Dress Form Prep & Measurements 1-4
2 Skirt Draft 1-9
3 Front Waist Darts 1-6
4 Back Waist Darts 1-7
5 Trueing the Waistline 1-11
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MODULE 1 • Dress Form Prep & Measurements

Step Description
1A In preparation for drafting the straight skirt sloper, you will first establish the hip level on your dress form using style tape at 7” (17.8cm) down from the waistline. Style tape the right-side of the dress form, from center front to center back, parallel to the floor.
1B The easiest way to do this is by resting your L square on the table as you turn the dress form, making sure that your tape aligns with the ruler at the 7” (17.8cm) hip level style tape, from front to back.
2 Next, download our Straight Skirt Measurement Form to record your measurements.


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