Instructor | Tracy Vollbrecht

Tracy Vollbrecht

With work featured in WWD, Vogue, Oprah Daily, and Cosmopolitan, Tracy Vollbrecht is a recognized adaptive and universal design consultant with experience advising and educating start-up and corporate brands, universities, and organizations. Her first experience in this space came when she unknowingly put universal design principles into action to help her dad manage his Multiple Sclerosis. Tracy served as the founding designer for the adaptive marketplace JuniperUNLTD's adaptive brands, Yarrow and ULEX. Yarrow is currently sold through QVC’s adaptive offerings. Tracy also served as Design Head of Collaboration, where she spearheaded adaptive education and collaborations with partner companies New Balance, Spyder, QVC, and Merrell. After a few years of consulting under her own name, Tracy founded Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting to further educate and guide students, professionals, and brands in adaptive fashion, universal design, and inclusive fashion.

Rooted in universal design principles, Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting is an adaptive consultancy that works with brands and organizations looking to reach 15% of the world population with a disability. Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting works with clients who are looking to ease into inclusive updates through product evaluation and marketing revisions, and through clients looking to establish or expand their adaptive collections. In addition, Tracy and Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting do guest lectures, workshops, and panels to help universities and groups incorporate adaptive design and disability inclusion into their curricula and organizational activities. Over the past 3 years, Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting has worked with a variety of clients, all with their own unique approach to disability inclusion.

Making the fashion industry more inclusive takes champions in each step of the process. If you are interested in developing adaptive fashion yourself, including adaptive fashion in educational curricula, or introducing your company to adaptive fashion, talk to the industry experts with years of experience and connections to the Disability community to guide you through the process. Please reach out to Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting through any of the channels below.