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Certificate Program

University of Fashion Certificates are offered to paid members after completing each lesson. Learn more about the certificate program.

About our Certificate Program

University of Fashion (UoF) subscribers receive Certificates of Completion for any lessons or lectures they watch completely, without any breaks, from start to finish, after June 1, 2022. There is no extra charge for University of Fashion Certificates. You must agree to our Certificate Terms & Conditions before using UoF certificates.

Download and print your certificates

You can view and download any earned certificates listed under “Completed Lessons”, above. Click “View Certificate” to download an already completed lesson's certificate. Click "Request Summary Certificate" to generate a summary of several lessons in the same primary discipline. Click "View Summary Certificate" when the generation process is over to download a summary certificate. You can print any certificates you download.

Pick up where you last left off

You can go back to where you last left off in any lesson videos under Lessons in Progress, above. Simply click their titles.

Do not skip ahead

Our best students rewind our lessons all the time to see difficult lesson steps again, and again. But if you want to earn a certificate for a particular lesson, make sure you don’t use our video controls to skip ahead of your farthest, actual watching progress. If you do, then the percentage of watching progress shown in My Learning will no longer be accurate.

How to Use Certificates in your Career

The University of Fashion (UoF) recommends that you show your certificates to prospective employers and clients along with the draped muslins, patterns, sewing samples, CAD files and other results you physically produced while watching our lessons. It is great to show people your UoF certificates. But the real proof of your competence is the hands-on work you produced while learning our lessons.