Rendering Crocodile

Rendering Crocodile

Rendering Crocodile

Learn how to hand render a crocodile pattern using a combination of pencils, markers and other tools of the trade. Once you have downloaded the reference swatch and the fashion croquis supplied with this lesson, print the fashion croquis to use as your canvas. Let us teach you how to render a crocodile pattern on a classic short belted trench. You’ll learn how to map the croc pattern onto the jacket, how to render the layers and then the detailing techniques used in creating this unique pattern. The result is an artistic illustration that will reap volumes of praise for your fashion portfolio.

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Module Description Step
1 Mapping Croc Pattern 1-3
2 Foundation 1-6
3 Detailing – Part 1 1-5
4 Shading – Part 1 1-4
5 Detailing – Part 2 1-3
6 Shading – Part 2 1-6
7 Blending 1-2
8 Shading – Part 3 1-6
9 Highlighting 1-2
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Step Description
1 Start this lesson, by downloading the fashion croquis and the reference swatch supplied with this lesson. Print the fashion croquis to use as your canvas.
2 The first step is to map the crocodile pattern onto the jacket. Have your swatch next to you for reference, as you lay in the croc pattern with your pencil, beginning at the right shoulder. Draw equidistant, slightly curved, horizontal lines following the curve and bend of the arm, from the shoulder to the sleeve strap.
3 Map horizontal lines across the storm flap and along the right-front of the jacket, from neck to waist and then from waist to hem. Your lines will curve following the folds of the material.


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