Knit Stretch Reductions - Pant Slopers

Knit Stretch Reductions – Pant (Pants) Slopers

Knit Stretch Reductions – Pant (Pants) Slopers

This lesson will teach you how to convert your basic pant (pants) sloper into a series of knit pant slopers. We start by using the pant sloper that was drafted in our lesson on how to draft a Basic Pant Sloper. Then we convert it into a basic Stable Knit pant sloper. We will demonstrate how to draft a series of knit pant slopers, one for each of the fabric stretch categories: Moderate Stretch, 2-Way Stretch, Super Stretch and Ribbed Knit stretch. As part of our knit series, this lesson builds on information learned in our lessons entitled: Intro to Knit Fabrics, Knit Fabric Principles and Knit Stretch Reductions:Torso Slopers.

You can design all types of knit garments using many different types of stretch fabrics when you create your library of knit blocks for sleeves, skirts, pants and torso slopers.

The pant sloper needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our Pattern making lesson: Basic Pant Sloper.

Lesson Downloads

Module Description Step
1 Stable Knit Pant Reduction 1-9
2 Moderate Knit Pant Reduction 1-8
3 2-Way Knit Front Pant Reduction 1-6
4 Super Stretch Front Pant Reduction 1-3
5 Ribbed Knit Front Pant Reduction 1-4
6 Stable Knit Back Pant Reduction 1-5
7 Moderate Knit Back Pant Reduction 1-8
8 2-Way Knit Back Pant Reduction 1-4
9 Super Stretch Back Pant Reduction 1-5
10 Ribbed Knit Back Pant Reduction 1-3
11 Final Steps 1-4
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MODULE 1 • Stable Knit Pant Reduction

Step Description
1 For this lesson, you will need the pant sloper that your created in our pattern making lesson entitled, Basic Pant Sloper. Transfer the front and back pant separately onto a piece of 22” (55.9cm) by 42” (106.7cm) white pattern paper, with all of your guidelines, grainlines, darts and notches marked.
2 To begin this lesson, we will convert the Basic Pant Sloper into a Stable Knit pant sloper by taking out the pant’s fitting ease. Our Basic Pant Sloper was originally drafted with 1” (2.5cm) worth of ease in the waist and 2” (5.1cm) worth of ease in the hip. Download our Pant Knit Calculations Form to record and calculate your reduction measurements.
3A To find your waist reduction calculation, for a Stable Knit pant sloper, we will divide our 1” (3.5cm) waist ease measurement by 4 to get ¼” (6mm). This refers to that fact that we have 4 pant seams. We will record our ¼” (6mm) measurement on the Pant Knit Calculations Form.

Since each pant leg has 2 seams, we will then divide our ¼” (6mm) measurement in half and record 1/8” (3mm) in the space provided on the Pant Knit Calculations Form. This will be the amount that we will reduce each of our front waist seams on the original pant sloper to create a Stable Knit pant sloper.

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