Finding Your Sketching Voice - Part 2

Finding Your Sketching Voice – Part 2

Finding Your Sketching Voice – Part 2

Building upon Part 1 of Finding Your Sketching Voice, this lesson continues the process of how you can develop your own sketching signature. Once you have decided on your customer profile and chosen a tear sheet or fashion image from the Internet, we will demonstrate how to personalize that figure. Once you completed this lesson move to Part 3. With practice, you will soon be able to achieve your own signature style, one that fits your creative aesthetic.

Module Description Step
1 Mapping the Gesture 1-8
2 Shading Part 1 1-7
3 Shading Part 2 1-13
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MODULE 1 • Mapping the Gesture

Step Description
1 As we learned in Finding Your Sketching Voice-Part 1, fashion illustration and silhouette standards have changed with the times. As consumer lifestyles change, and designers design for those lifestyles, the challenge becomes how to come up with new and interesting illustration styles to excite the consumer. An illustration style that is in vogue today, may not be popular tomorrow. However, most designers and illustrators agree, that your own personalized style is like your signature. When you find it, you should stay with it and call it your own. A few examples of fashion illustrators with unique styles are:

  • Antonio Lopez
  • Tony Viramonte
  • Ruben Toledo
2 Begin this lesson with a tear sheet that defines the target customer that you are designing or illustrating for. We have chosen a customer whose profile is hip and trendy.
3 We will use this tear sheet and creative our own design interpretation of it. Start by mapping the centerline of the figure.


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