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Fashion Illustration Using Watercolors

Fashion Illustration Using Watercolors

Learn how to illustrate your fashion sketches using watercolors. You will learn how to mix colors, how to use your brushes and pens, as well as other tricks and techniques so that your fashion illustrations will look professional.

Module Description Step
1 Preparing the Drawing 1-3
2 Preparing Colors 1-6
3 Painting Flesh Tone 1-5
4 Painting the Dress 1-7
5 Painting the Hair and Shoes 1-2
6 Adding the Darker Shades 1-6
7 Adding Details 1-7
8 Adding Fine Details and Blending Lines 1-12
9 Finishing Touches 1-3
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MODULE 1 • Preparing the Drawing

Step Description
1 Here, I’m going to use this tear sheet as my inspiration for the lesson. I’ve drawn the figure in pencil as you can see here. And now I’m going to color it with watercolor. I have used a medium grain paper. There are three kinds of watercolor paper, one is rough grain, a medium grain and a smooth grain. Rough grain is generally used for landscape. Medium grain is used for something that gives you some texture, but it also doesn’t affect the drawing. For a smooth grain is generally used for fine drawing and very minute details so that the grain doesn’t affect the drawing at all.
2 I have made certain changes as compared to the reference drawing, as where you can see the hands of this figure and the hands that I have drawn. I have made a decision to have a kind of perspective that narrows down here, so the focus of the viewer is concentrated. Sometimes you can alter the figure to your needs and the way it best showcases the garment or the design, because at the end that’s what fashion is about—you have to show the garment as the star.


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