UoF Secure Checkout Policy

Secure Checkout Functionality Policy

University of Fashion® (“UoF”) does not store its individual subscribers’ credit card numbers.

Upon subscription order receipt, we immediately pass along our individual subscribers’ credit card numbers and transaction details, such as sales taxes owed, to our financial partner, PayPal. Our partner, PayPal, is solely responsible for charging individual UoF subscribers for their UoF subscription purchases, related sales taxes and any recurring subscription fees. PayPal saves UoF subscribers’ financial information on its own servers and handles both the timing and amount of money withdrawals from, or refunds to, our subscribers’ financial accounts.

UoF stores local digital copies of the bank checks and other financial information provided to us by our Group subscribers. The security of the latter information is protected by local computer passwords on our end and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transit and 256-bit AES remote storage encryption features utilized by our cloud storage service, Dropbox. Backup copies of the latter information are stored on unencrypted external hard drives that are stored in multiple, hidden locations.

Both UoF and PayPal publish Privacy Policies on their websites (respectively, UniversityofFashion.com and Paypal.com). Both companies describe exactly how they protect UoF subscribers’ financial and other private information and how UoF’s subscribers can demand that their financial and/or private information be deleted.

The data residing on the University of Fashion website, itself, is protected by a robust host server featuring adaptive firewalls, uninterruptible power supply, electrical generator and automatic backups.


University of Fashion® is a registered trademark owned by University of Fashion, Inc.


February 1, 2022

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