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Centered Zipper

This lesson will teach you how to sew a centered zipper. The centered zipper is the most common zipper application used in the industry and we will show you how easy it is to sew.

Lapped Zipper

This lesson will teach you how to sew a lapped zipper using a left and right-side zipper foot.  A lapped zipper is most often used on dresses and on pants and skirts that have a waistband.

Invisible Zipper

Learn how to set an invisible zipper using an invisible zipper foot. As one of most popular zipper applications, our foolproof method makes it fast and easy.

Lapped Zipper with Facing

Learn the nuances of how to sew a back neck facing onto a garment with a lapped zipper. Our method will help you transform your zipper skills from homemade to professionally produced in only two modules!

Exposed Separating Zipper

Learn how to sew an exposed separating zipper using a left and right groove zipper foot. This zipper is used as a closure on coats and jackets and can even add a decorative touch to skirts and pants.

Fly Front Zipper

This lesson is how to sew the fly front zipper, a popular zipper that is often used on jeans, trousers and skirts. This lesson begins by showing you how to sew the crotch seam of the pant sampler and then how to change your machine foot to a zipper foot, in preparation for setting the zipper. You… Continue reading

Embellished Prick-stitch Zipper

This lesson will teach you how to sew an embellished prick-stitched zipper. This type of zipper is the perfect choice when you are looking to add a decorative touch to a garment. You will learn how to prick stitch the zipper and then how to add mini pearls as you stitch. Apply this technique on… Continue reading

Fashion School Resources

We are a big supporter of fashion schools. There are several ways we can help prospective and current fashion school students. 1. Get help choosing and applying to a good fashion school Many of our subscribers use our video lesson … Continue reading

Recommended Lesson Order – Sewing

Before we provide our suggested Sewing lesson order, remember, the best way to learn is to do! To get the most out of each University of Fashion lesson, you need to buy the tools, fabrics and supplies necessary to complete … Continue reading