Wrap Skirt

Wrap Skirt

Wrap Skirt

This lesson will teach you how to drape a beautiful wrap skirt in actual wool crepe fabric. You will learn how to prepare your dress form and then how to thread trace your fabric panels, in preparation for draping. We will demonstrate tricks of the trade when draping in actual fabric, as compared to muslin, so that you will get a better feeling for the creative process as you manipulate your fabric bias on the dress form. Fabric draping can also be done in a fabric with the same attributes as the final fabric.

Once you’ve mastered this lesson, learn more about working in bias and draping in fashion fabric by viewing our lesson on how to drape a Cowl Neck Blouse.

Module Description Step
1 Prepare Dress Form 1-2
2 Extract Measurements 1-4
3 Prepare Pieces & Mark Guidelines 1-7
4 Draping Right Front 1-22
5 Marking Right Front Skirt 1-13
6 Trueing Right Front Skirt 1-7
7 Draping & Marking Left Front 1-15
8 Draping & Marking Back 1-15
9 Trueing Back Skirt & Left Front 1-17
10 Trueing Left Front Skirt 1-16
11 Final Steps 1-12
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Step Description
1 Begin this lesson, by measuring and style taping the hip at 7” (17.8cm) down from below the waist tape. Use your L square, resting on the table, to help align the style tape as you turn the dress form so that the style tape is parallel to the table top and the floor.
2 You will be styletaping all around the form from center front to center front.

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