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Women’s Jacket Pad-Stitching & Inner Construction

Women’s Jacket Pad-Stitching & Inner Construction

Once you have viewed our lesson on how to draft a women’s jacket, let us teach you the finer points of women’s jacket construction. You will learn how to prepare your canvas interfacing, all about needle punch material, where it’s used and then how apply seam tape to the jacket’s edge. You will also learn where and how to pad-stitch the jacket lapel and under collar and how to apply percaline interfacing to the sleeve.

Module Description Step
1 Construction Components 1-5
2 Needle Punch & Hymo Hair Canvas 1-5
3 Seam Binding & Fell-Stitching 1-3
4 Pad-Stitching 1-5
5 Sleeve Hem Interfacing 1-3
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MODULE 1 • Construction Components

Step Description
1 I would like to begin the jacket with the various components that we are using, including needle punch and hymo canvas.
2 Now, the needle punch has glue on one side, that is the wrong side and the face has no glue.
3 And the canvas has no glue on either side and that is why we are going to use a pad stitch.


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