West African Textiles: Manjak Cloth of Senegal

West African Textiles: Manjak Cloth of Senegal

West African Textiles: Manjak Cloth of Senegal

This lesson is West African Textiles and the Manjak Cloth of Senegal. It is the third lesson of a 5-part series on West African textiles, which will be taught by Mina Dia-Stevens. We will teach you about the historical Manjak cloth of Senegal. The great Manjak cloth is named after the Manjak or Njaago people who reside throughout West Africa. The intricate weaving process dates back to the 15th century. The value of the fabric is not solely based upon the techniques used in the process; but is more importantly based upon its ceremonial uses. These rites of passage are centuries old and are cherished and highly respected throughout West African culture. Be sure to view our other lessons on West African Textiles of Burkina Faso, Mali, Côte D’Ivoire and Ghana.

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Module 1

Let’s continue our journey in West Africa and explore the country of Senegal.

Senegal…known as the “Gateway to Africa”, is my birthplace and the foundation for my inspiration as an African and an American Creative. Senegal was historically known as Senegambia; for the geographical region known as West Africa.


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