Vicky Tiel Interview

Vicky Tiel – Designer Interview

Vicky Tiel – Designer Interview

Paris-based fashion designer Vicky Tiel shares her story about how she is the longest lasting female fashion designer in Paris. As a Parsons-educated designer, Vicky moved to Paris upon graduation and from there her career skyrocketed. Today she has own couture shop in Paris, a cadre of fragrances, is a guest blogger for the Huffington Post and a regular on the Home Shopping network.

Hear in Vicky’s own words what and who inspired her and how her relationship with Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and other Hollywood celebs lead to a flourishing and glamorous career in the film and fashion industry. As one of the most copied designers Vicky is responsible for some of the sexiest bustier dresses on the planet.


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Interviewer: We are so fortunate to be here this evening with the one and only Vicky Tiel. Not only is she a fashion designer, but also author, businesswoman, and we are so grateful that she’s gonna be sharing her secrets to longevity in the fashion industry with the University of Fashion. Vicky, thank you for taking the time with us tonight, and we would love to know how it is that you are celebrating your 50-year anniversary in fashion.

Vicky: Okay. Actually, I want to clarify that I have, this is my 50th year, and I’m the longest-lasting, surviving female fashion designer in Paris, but I have a 58-year-career as I started selling dresses at 12.

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