Trend Forecasting

Trend Forecasting

Trend Forecasting

This lecture will teach you all about trend forecasting, an area of the fashion industry utilized by designers, merchandisers and retailers. Marieke van der Poel, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Editor of Proef, a popular trend service, will teach you all about the history of trend services, the definition of a trend and the various types of trend forecasting. She’ll lecture on how trends are predicted, how companies use trend services and why trends services are important to the success of any business. You will learn what role consumer emotions plays in forecasting trends and the various sources of where and how trends germinate.

This lesson is sure to demystify the world of trend forecasting.

Module Description
1 Introduction
2 History of Trend Forecasting
3 Types 0f Trends
4 Definition of Trend & Trend Analysis
5 How to Trend Forecast
6 Trend Research
7 Trend Forecaster Tools
8 What do Trend Forecasters Do?
9 How Much Does Trend Forecasting Cost?
10 Today’s Trend Forecaster
11 Conclusion
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MODULE 1 • Introduction

Hello, my name is Marieke Van Der Poel, and I’m the CCO of San Francisco-based trend forecasting agency, Proef. What we do at Proef is we help our clients understand consumer emotions and we translate those into direction for fashion, design, marketing trends, all kinds of industries. And I think it’s very interesting to learn a little bit more about what trend forecasting is. There’s a lot of myths around it, a lot of stories about it, so, we’ll help you understand a little bit more about the history, the different kinds of trend forecasting there are and what a trend is, because there are some misconceptions around that as well. My background is in, in the beginning, is in Philosophy. I studied philosophy and humanities in the Netherlands. As a trend forecaster, I’ve worked for companies like Peclers Paris, which is one of the leading trend forecasting companies internationally. I’ve worked with ESP Trend Labs, which represents international trend companies like A+A, Nelly Rodi, 2020 Vision, Scout, and I’ve worked for all those companies as a consultant working with multinationals around the world trying to help them develop the right kind of products at the right time. The problem with trend forecasting very often is that we can’t mention our clients. We work on a very closed basis with them to try to help them understand where they should be, so we learn a lot of about their company and there’s a lot of confidentiality involved in this business, so I’m sorry if I can’t mention my clients, but they’re, across the board, they’re in sports active, high-end fashion, high street fashion, bigger multinational fashion brands that you see on the street, all across the board, car companies, consumer electronics companies. All of them are interested in trying to understand how to make something that is going to sell and that’s what we do, we help try to understand, you know, what’s going to sell.


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