Transfer Fitted Sleeve to Oaktag

Transfer Fitted Sleeve to Oaktag

Transfer Fitted Sleeve to Oaktag

Once you have drafted your fitted sleeve sloper from our fitted sleeve sloper lesson, you are now ready to transfer it to oaktag. The fitted sleeve sloper in oaktag is known in the industry as the foundation block from which future sleeve designs are created. This sleeve block is a must have in your library of slopers.

Add to your sloper library by viewing our other lessons, draping the basic bodice sloper, the basic skirt sloper and many others.

The sleeve slopers needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our Pattern making lessons Straight Sleeve Sloper and Fitted Sleeve from Straight Sleeve Sloper


Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-3
2 Transfer Fitted Sleeve Sloper 1-4
3 True Fitted Sleeve Sloper 1-14
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Step Description
1 Cut your oaktag approximately 16” (40.7cm) wide by 28” (71.1cm) long.
2 Draw a vertical line through the center, along the length of the oaktag paper. This is the sleeve center.
3 Measure down 9” (22.9cm) from the top and square a horizontal line across the width of the paper, this is the sleeve bicep.


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