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Adobe Illustrator: The Pathfinder – #10

Adobe Illustrator: The Pathfinder – #10

This lesson will introduce you to Illustrators Pathfinder Panel and show you how three of its commands  –Pathfinder Unite, Pathfinder Divide and Pathfinder Exclude- can simplify and speed up your design process.



Module Description Step
1 The Pathfinder Panel 1-10
2 Pathfinder Unite 1-9
3 Pathfinder Divide 1-17
4 Pathfinder Exclude 1-20
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MODULE 1 • The Pathfinder Panel

Step Description
1A Before we begin, note that the video and audio for this lesson contain Mac commands, keyboard shortcuts and one button mouse actions only. For complete Windows commands, refer to the script.
1B Keyboard Shortcut abbreviations and differences:

  • Mac: Command (Cmd) =  Windows: Control (Ctrl)
  • Mac: Option (Opt) = Windows: (Alt)
  • Shortcut directions are written as follows:
    • Cmd/Ctrl + Keyboard Letter
    • Opt/Alt + click

This means press & hold the Command key if you have a Mac, or the Control Key if you have Windows, then press the letter, or perform the action, etc.

A note on Mouse actions:

  • Two Button Mouse: Right Click to open the Context Menu/ Right Click Menu
  • One Button Mouse: Press & Hold the Control (Ctrl) Key while you click on the Art Board, to open the Context Menu/ Right Click Menu.

If you have a one button mouse for your Mac, you might want to configure it to act like a two button mouse:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Open up the Mouse options
  • On the “Point & Click” page, check the box to the left of “Secondary Click: Click on Right Side”.

Your Mouse will now work like a Two Button Mouse

2 The Pathfinder Panel is one of the most helpful and most popular features in Illustrator. It is a tools panel, with tools that allow us combine shapes quickly and efficiently.

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