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Textile Dyeing, Printing & Finishing

Textile Dyeing, Printing & Finishing

This lesson will walk you through the processes involved in textile dyeing, printing and finishing. You will learn the terms associated with dyeing textiles and the part color theory plays in the process. You will learn the difference between pigments and dyes, as well as the stages of dyeing such as piece goods dyeing and garment dyeing. In addition to the problems associated with textile dyeing, printing and finishing, we will teach about environmental concerns and how the textile industry is dealing with those concerns.

Module Description Step
1 Creating a Textile – Finishing Touches 1-3
2 Definitions of Textile Dyeing & Colorants 1-3
3 Pigments & Dyes 1-9
4 Printing 1-8
5 Dyes / Prints- Problems 1
6 Dyes/ Prints- Sustainability & Environmental Concerns 1-2
7 Common & Routine Fabric Finishes 1-4
8 Aesthetic Finishes 1-4
9 Special-Purpose / Functional Finishes 1-9
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MODULE 1 • Creating a Textile – Finishing Touches

Step Description
1 Today’s lesson is Textiles 4 – dyeing, printing and finishes. This lesson will walk you through the processes involved in textile dyeing printing, finishes and the final processing steps of the production of a textile.
2 Let’s start with what is a finish?A Finish is anything batted to a fiber, yarn, or fabric, at any stage in the production process, to change the:

  • appearance (the look)
  • hand (the feel or touch),
  • performance (the function) of the fabric.
3 The “finishing process” can typically include:

  • Dyeing
  • Printing
  • Addition of both aesthetic and performance or special-purpose finishes


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