Tech Pack – Leather Jacket

Tech Pack – Leather Jacket

Tech Pack – Leather Jacket

This lesson is your introduction on what goes into a production tech pack, one that has actually been created at GIII Apparel Group, the largest leather manufacturer in the U.S. We will walk you through this 23-page Production Package prepared by the vice president of technical design services for Cole Haan and Andrew Marc, both divisions of GIII. You will learn the process of how a designer’s initial Sample Request Package is later built upon to create a package that is ready for production, from sketch down to the polybag and hanger.

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Module Description Step
1 Folder Summary & Front/Back View 1-5
2 Lining Open View 1-6
3 Care & Content Label #1 1-2
4 Details Page #1 1-3
5 Detail Page #2 1-2
6 Details Page #3 1-2
7 Details Page #4 1-2
8 Content Care Label #2 1-3
9 Construction Correction 1-2
10 Style Correction 1-2
11 Grade Rule/Graded Spec Sheet 1-2
12 Multi Sample Evaluation Worksheet Part 1 1-2
13 Multi Sample Evaluation Worksheet Part 2 1-1
14 Multi Sample Evaluation Worksheet Notes 1-4
15 Multi Sample Evaluation Zipper Worksheet 1-1
16 Fabric/Trim Details #1 1-5
17 Fabric/Trim Details #2 1-5
18 Fabric/Trim Details #3 1-5
19 Fabric/Trim Details #4 1-2
20 Fabric/Trim Details #5 1-2
21 Fabric/Trim Details Pages 21-23 1-4
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Step Description
1A Here we will demonstrate what goes into an actual a web PDM Production Package, created by the company Andrew Marc a division of GIII Apparel Group in New York.
1B This package builds upon the designer’s initial Sample Request Package.
2A We will begin on the first page of this leather jacket, called the Folder Summary & Front/Back View for Style #AW0A1176.
2B This is an Approved for Production Package for this style number AW0A1176. This is the full style number. A small thumbnail sketch appears on the top right side of the page as a quick reference.


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