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Tambour Embroidery

Tambour Embroidery

Let us teach you the art of tambour embroidery as it is done at famous French couture embroidery houses. We start by introducing you to the tambour table and frame. Then, once you have downloaded and transferred our design motif onto your silk organza, you will learn how to mount the fabric onto the tambour frame and then how to use a hook to embroider the flower design.

Module Description Step
1 Tambour Table & Frame 1-8
2 Transferring the Motif 1-2
3 Embroidery Process 1-13
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MODULE 1 • Tambour Table & Frame

Step Description
1 We begin this lesson with our frame table. It has three parts so that you open and close it. It is also important that the table is the height of a regular table so that as you put your frame on the top you are in a comfortable position.
2A There are four pieces that make up the frame. One for each of the four sides. Two short and two long.
2B We are going to stretch our fabric over the frames and we will start with the two long frame pieces.


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