Women's T-Shirt Front Flat in AI - #13

Women’s T-Shirt Front Flat in AI – #13

Women’s T-Shirt Front Flat in AI – #13

In this lesson, we will set up our croquis template for the basic women’s front flat t-shirt and draw the body, neckline and sleeves.

Module Description Step
1 Setting up Our Layers & Changing the Transparency of a Layer 1-16
2 Setting up Rulers & Creating a CF Guideline Ruler 1-4
3 Drafting the T-shirt Body 1-9
4 Reflecting the T-shirt Body &  Joining the 2 Sides 1-9
5 Creating Our Neckline Curves 1-10
6 Creating the T-shirt Sleeves & Moving the Sleeves Behind Body 1-10
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MODULE 1 • Setting up Our layers – Changing the Transparency of a Layer

Step Description
1A Before we begin, note that complete Mac and Windows Commands, Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse directions are written in the script, and mentioned only    in the audio.The video shows only Mac Commands, using a one-button mouse.Here are the Keyboard Shortcut abbreviations and differences:

  • Mac: Command (Cmd)  =  Windows: Control (Ctrl)
  • Mac: Option (Opt)  = Windows: (Alt)
  • Shortcut directions are written as follows:
    • Cmd/Ctrl + Keyboard Letter
    • Opt/Alt + click

This means press & hold the Command key if you have a Mac, or the Control Key if you have Windows, then press the letter, or perform the action, etc….

1B A note on Mouse actions:

  • Two-Button Mouse: Right Click to open the Context Menu/ Right Click Menu
  • One-Button Mouse: Press & Hold the Control (Ctrl) Key while you click on the Art Board, to open the Context Menu/ Right Click Menu.

If you have a one-button mouse for your Mac, you might want to configure it to act like a two-button mouse:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Open up the Mouse options
  • On the “Point & Click”  page, check the box to the left of “Secondary Click: Click on Right Side”.

Your Mouse will now work like a Two-Button Mouse

2 Before we begin, it is important to note that the way you are about to learn how to draw technical flats in these lessons is the way I learned how to do it. There are many ways to draw fashion flats in Adobe Illustrator and also many methods of achieving the same result. My techniques have changed over the past few years the more I have used the program and experimented, as I am sure yours will too. If you find a method that works for you and are able to produce cohesive and accurate flats, I encourage you to pursue it. For these lessons however, I will be teaching the way that I learned and you may find different ways to do what we are doing on your own.


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