T-Shirt Flat Drawing

T-Shirt Flat Drawing

T-Shirt Flat Drawing

This lesson will teach you how to draw a T-shirt flat and will utilize the template created in our Female Flats Croquis Template lesson. Flat sketches are used when you want your designs to have more detail and clarity than a fashion illustration offers, especially when used in a tech pack or when handing your design over to a pattern maker. Learning how to draw a flat by hand will enable you to understand proportion while at the same time will result in a sketch that is much more interesting than a computer-generated version.

Expand your knowledge of flat sketching by viewing our Pants Flat lesson, our Skirt Flat lesson and our Jacket Flat lesson. All of these lessons require the template that you created in our Female Flats Croquis lesson.

Once you have mastered these lessons you can apply this knowledge to all areas of design, such as loungewear and shapewear, knitwear, outerwear, innerwear and swimwear as well as prepare you for learning how to spec garments and create a Tech Pack.

Module Description Step
1 Drawing the T-Shirt Front 1-13
2 Tracing the T-Shirt Front 1-8
3 Drawing the T-Shirt Back 1-7
4 Transferring Front & Back 1-7
5 Outlining Front & Back 1-7
6 Details Front & Back 1-11
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Step Description
1 For this lesson, you will need your Female Croquis Flats template placed underneath your tracing paper.
2 Using your #6B graphite drawing pencil and your clear plastic ruler, draw a line down the center of your tracing paper. This is known as the center line of your drawing.
3 Align the center of the tracing paper to the center line of the croquis template.

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