Women's T-Shirt Flat Details (Topstitch & Ribbing) in AI - #14

Women’s T-Shirt Flat Details (Topstitch & Ribbing) in AI – #14

Women’s T-Shirt Flat Details (Topstitch & Ribbing) in AI – #14

In this lesson, we will create the effect of a double-needle topstitch on a T-shirt’s hem, as well as use the dashed line settings to make a rib knit trim. We will also look at the how various garments have been finished with a rib knit binding.

Module Description Step
1 Creating a Double Needle Topstitch Hem 1-28
2 Making the Neck Rib Binding Seams 1-15
3 Creating a Rib Texture within the Band 1-19
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MODULE 1 • Creating a Double Needle Topstitch Hem

Step Description
1A Before we begin, note that complete Mac and Windows Commands, Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse directions are written in the script, and mentioned only in the audio.The video shows only Mac Commands, using a one-button mouse. Here are the Keyboard Shortcut abbreviations and differences:

  • Mac: Command (Cmd) =  Windows: Control (Ctrl)
  • Mac: Option (Opt) = Windows: (Alt)
  • Shortcut directions are written as follows:
    • Cmd/Ctrl + Keyboard Letter
    • Opt/Alt + click

This means press & hold the Command key if you have a Mac, or the Control Key if you have Windows, then press the letter, or perform the action, etc….

1B A note on Mouse actions:

  • Two-Button Mouse: Right Click to open the Context Menu/ Right Click Menu
  • One-Button Mouse: Press & Hold the Control (Ctrl) Key while you click on the Art Board, to open the Context Menu/ Right Click Menu.

If you have a one-button mouse for your Mac, you might want to configure it to act like a two-button mouse:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Open up the Mouse options
  • On the “Point & Click” page, check the box to the left of “Secondary Click: Click on Right Side”.

Your Mouse will now work like a Two-Button Mouse

2 For this lesson we will be working on the file Basic T-shirt Front Flat  that we created from the file Front Flat Croquis & T-shirt in the previous lesson. If you have not yet created the basic T-shirt flat drawing, complete the lesson T-Shirt Front Flat – #13, before continuing.


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