Sustainable Fashion Designer - Kristen Luong

Sustainable Fashion Designer – Kristen Luong

Sustainable Fashion Designer – Kristen Luong

Hear New York-based fashion designer, Kristen Luong explain, in her own word how she launched her streetwear brand KROMAGNON. Her collection is modern with clean lines and draws from her background in urban culture and science. Kristen sources natural, ethical and recycled materials and everything in her collection, which is made in New York City, is sustainable, organic, natural and most importantly biodegradable. Kristen’s goal is to change the fashion industry by making amazing clothing that consumers purchase with confidence that  won’t harm society.

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Steven: Hi, I’m Steven Broadway, and this evening, we’ll be speaking with my dear friend and gifted designer, Kristen Luong, for the brand, Kromagnon.

Kristen: Hi, I’m Kristen Luong, and I’m the owner of Kromagnon, a sustainable brand for both men and women, based on New York City.

Steven: So, Hi, Kristen, we’re gonna start with the beginning of where you were born and raised.

Kristen: Hi, Steven, I was born in Vietnam, and I was raised in Brooklyn.

Steven: Cool, and when did you discover your passion for fashion?

Kristen: I discovered my passion for fashion when I was a teenager in high school. I was reading a lot of Vogue and Elle magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, and I was always envious of how the designers were creating these magnificent clothing for these beautiful models, and I wanted to be a part of that world so badly.