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Straight Sleeve Sloper

Straight Sleeve Sloper

This beginner lesson teaches you how to draft a straight sleeve from scratch using our sleeve measurement chart to find the correct measurements for your individual size. Using our easy step by step method, you will learn how to draft a straight sleeve utilizing the key points on the body. We will teach you how to use your pattern making tools so that you get a perfect result.

This straight sleeve can be used as is or as a sloper. Either way, this lesson is a must in your library of slopers since it is the basis for all of the sleeves that you will be drafting in the future.

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Module Description Step
2 Drafting the Sleeve 1-16
3 Shape Sleeve Cap 1-4
4 Final Steps 1-7
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Step Description
1 Using the sleeve measurement chart, find the measurements that are specific to your particular size.
2 For this lesson you will need a piece of white pattern paper 28” (71.1cm) x 16” (40.6cm) inch folded in half lengthwise with the fold facing you.
3 Square a line off center back 2” (5.1cm) down from the top, this is the capline of the sleeve.

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