Skirt Front Twist

Skirt Front Twist

Skirt Front Twist

Learn how to drape a skirt twist that can multi-task as a bandeau top or as a design detail used on dresses, blouses pants and shorts. This lesson is part of our 3-part series on draping twists. We will demonstrate how to prepare the knit blocks and then how to drape the twist on a slim fitted skirt.

For more on draping twists view our center front blouse twist and our asymmetric twist lesson.

Module Description Step
1 Fabric Prep-1 1-3
2 Fabric Prep-2 1-4
3 Twist Prep 1-2
4 Draping the Twist 1-7
5 Trueing the Twist-1 1-2
6 Trueing the Twist-2 1-4
7 Final Steps 1-4
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MODULE 1 • Fabric Prep-1

Step Description
1 For this lesson you will need to prepare 2 pieces of knit Lycra jersey for the twist, measuring 11” (27.94cm) in the length direction by 34” (86.4cm) in the width direction of the fabric.
2 For the skirt portion, we used 3 pieces of knit Lycra jersey. One for the skirt front measuring 30” (76.2cm) in the length direction and 21” (53.3cm) in the cross direction. For the skirt back we used 2 pieces measuring 30” (76.2cm) in length direction and 12” (30.5cm) in the width direction.
3 In preparation for this lesson, we pre-draped a straight skirt. We stitched the side seams together and the center back seam to within 9” (22.9cm) below the waistline. The waist seam allowance was turned over ½” (1.3cm) and the hem was turned up 1” (2.5cm). They were both secured with a catchstitch. The skirt was pinned onto the dress form at the waist/side seam and along the center back, in preparation for draping the twist.


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