Skirt Flat Drawing

Skirt Flat Drawing

Skirt Flat Drawing

This lesson will teach you how to draw a skirt flat using the template created in our Female Flats Croquis Template lesson. You will learn the technique and process used to draw a skirt flat that can later be used in a tech pack or when you need more detail and clarity when handing your design over to a pattern maker.

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Module Description Step
1 Drawing the Skirt Front 1-7
2 Tracing the Skirt Front 1-7
3 Drawing the Skirt Back 1-7
4 Transferring Front & Back Skirt 1-9
5 Outlining Front & Back 1-6
6 Detailing Front & Back 1-6
7 Final Detailing 1-3
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Step Description
1 For this lesson, you will start with the template that you created in our Female Croquis Flats Template lesson. We will be using the lower portion of the croquis.
2 Start the lesson by drawing a line down the length of the tracing paper about 2” (5.1cm) away from the left-side of the paper with your graphite pencil. This will be the centerline of the drawing.
3 Align the centerline of the tracing paper with the centerline of the croquis.

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