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Drawing Ruffle Pleats

Drawing Ruffle Pleats

This lesson will teach you how to draw and illustrate ruffle pleats. Once you have mapped the fashion pose, you will learn tricks of the trade on how to create a beautiful blouse with ruffles at the neck, the yoke and the sleeve cuff. We will teach you how to plan and draw the ruffles and then how to illustrate them so that they come to life. Once you have learned how to draw this design detail, add to your portfolio by learning how to draw smocking, cascade ruffles pleats and cowls.

Module Description Step
1 Mapping the Pose & Ruffle Pleats 1-12
2 Shading the Ruffle Pleats 1-14
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MODULE 1 • Mapping the Pose & Ruffle Pleats

Step Description
1A Start this lesson by mapping the gesture of the fashion pose, beginning with the plum line, the neck and shoulders. Then add the figure’s torso and hip. Finish the gesture by mapping the other side of the figure’s torso and arm.
1B Add the figure’s jawline.
2A We will begin by adding the blouse’s neck ruffles. Our ruffles will be more like box pleats and therefore drawn with a bit more structure than ruffles that are gathered into a neckband.


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