Rendering Stripe

Rendering Stripe

Rendering Stripe

Let us teach you how to hand render a black and white nautical stripe on a women’s long sleeve T-shirt with a bateau neckline. Once you have downloaded the reference swatch and the female fashion croquis located under this lesson’s tools and supplies, you will print the fashion croquis and use it as your canvas.

Using a combination of markers, pencils, pens and other tools of the trade, we will teach you how to map the stripes onto the T-shirt following the contours of the body, and how to properly hold your tools for the best results. You will also learn tricks on how to shade the illustration for a more polished effect. Learning how to hand render a stripe will make your designs more personal and a lot more interesting than a computer-generated version.

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Module Description Step
1 Mapping the Stripe 1-2
2 Shading – Part 1 1-2
3 Stripes 1-2
4 Shading – Part 2 1-6
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Step Description
1 Start by downloading the fashion croquis and the reference swatch supplied with this lesson. Print the fashion croquis to use as your canvas.
2 Tilt the croquis drawing and begin the lesson by lightly mapping the lines of the stripe with a pencil, from left to right, across the bateau neckline of the T-shirt. Notice how the lines curve following the shape of the neckline. Continue to map the stripes at equal distances from one another, mimicking the spacing between the stripes on your swatch, until you reach the waistline.


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