Rendering Herringbone

Rendering Herringbone

Rendering Herringbone

Learn how to hand render a herringbone pattern on a stylish men’s vest, using a combination of markers and pencils. Once you have downloaded the reference swatch and the fashion croquis supplied with this lesson, print the fashion croquis to use as your canvas. We will teach you how to map the herringbone pattern onto the vest and then how to use a calligraphy pen to render the pattern. You will also learn the right way to handle your markers and then how to shade the illustration for a professional quality result.

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Module Description Step
1 Mapping the Herringbone Pattern 1-6
2 Rendering Herringbone 1-7
3 Shading 1-6
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Step Description
1 Start, by downloading the fashion croquis and the reference swatch supplied with this lesson. Print the fashion croquis to use as your canvas.
2 With a second piece of paper under your croquis and your swatch nearby for reference, tilt the croquis so that it is in the most comfortable position for rendering.
3 Begin the lesson, by mapping the herringbone pattern with your pencil. Start on the lapel, drawing equidistant vertical lines representing the rows of pattern.
4 Move to the collar and following the direction of the fabric grain, lay in the rows.


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