Rendering Dots

Rendering Dots

Rendering Dots

This lesson will teach you how to hand render a dot pattern onto a flared skirt. Once you have downloaded the reference swatch and the fashion croquis supplied with the lesson, you will print the fashion croquis to use as your canvas. You will learn how to use a combination of markers to shade the skirt, a special technique of how to map the pattern onto the skirt, and all about color saturation so that your rendering will look that much more professional.

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Module Description Step
1 Rendering Shadows – Part 1 1-4
2 Mapping Dots 1-3
3 Rendering Dots 1-4
4 Rendering Shadows – Part 2 1-8
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Step Description
1 Start, by downloading the fashion croquis and the reference swatch supplied with this lesson. Print the fashion croquis to use as your canvas.
2 With a second piece of paper under your croquis and your swatch nearby for reference, tilt the croquis so that it is in the most comfortable position for rendering. Be sure to test your markers on a piece of scrap paper before you start to check that your markers aren’t dry.
3 With the beveled-edge side of your brick white marker lay in the shadows, beginning on the skirt from the top to the hip of the figure’s left-side. Shade the first 2 skirt flare folds then shade the area under the blouse.
4 Add shading to the right-side of the figure’s skirt from the top to the hem and then shade the remaining skirt folds. Go back in and repeat the skirt fold shading to darken the color and saturate the folds, three times.


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