Raglan Sleeve Sloper

Raglan Sleeve Sloper

Raglan Sleeve Sloper

The raglan sleeve is one of the most popular sleeves in fashion. Our lesson will teach you the fundamentals of how to draft this sleeve using your bodice sloper and your straight sleeve sloper. We will demonstrate two raglan versions, a one-piece and a two-piece sleeve. Our drafting method is easy and will definitely inspire you to design lots of raglan variations.

The front and back bodice sloper needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our lesson: Pivoting a Front Shoulder Dart to One Waist Dart. For how to pivot a back shoulder dart to a neckline view our Pattern making lesson: Pivoting a Back-Shoulder Dart to a Back-Neckline Dart. The sleeve sloper needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our Pattern making lesson: Straight Sleeve Sloper.

Module Description Step
1 Raglan Bodice Prep 1-9
2 Front & Back Raglan Sleeve Draft 1-6
3 Extract Raglan Sleeve 1-15
4 Two-Piece Raglan Sleeve 1-16
5 Extract & True Front & Back Bodice 1-5
6 Trueing the Bodice, Two-piece & One-Piece Raglan Sleeve 1-13
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MODULE 1 • Raglan Bodice Prep

Step Description
1 For this lesson, you will need your Front Bodice Sloper with a waist dart, your Back Bodice Sloper with a neck and waist dart, and your Straight Sleeve Sloper.
2A To begin this lesson, prepare five pieces of white unlined pattern paper. The first piece of pattern paper will measure 36” (91.4cm) square. For sizes larger than size 6, adjust the paper sizes accordingly.
2B The next piece of white pattern paper measures 17” (43.2cm) wide by 36” (91.4cm) long.

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