Princess Kimono Blouse

Princess Kimono Blouse

Princess Kimono Blouse

This lesson is draping the princess kimono blouse with a convertible collar, a ¾ length sleeve and a button-through front. You’ll begin this lesson, by applying style tape to the dress form indicating the princess lines and other key style points. Once you have learned how to measure, tear, block, press and add your guidelines to your muslin pieces, you are ready to start draping. You will learn the techniques involved in draping the side panels and then the center panels. We will teach you how to mark the pattern and then how to transfer the pattern to the table to create the one-piece kimono sleeve.

You will also learn how to draft a convertible collar and how to create a button and buttonhole closure. The princess kimono blouse is a favorite silhouette of designer Giorgio Armani because of the soft shoulder and the pretty peplum shape. Once you’ve learned how to drape this style, why not try our Drop Shoulder blouse lesson?

The straight sleeve sloper needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our Pattern making lesson: Straight Sleeve Sloper.
Module Description Step
1 Prepare Dress Form & Extract Measurements 1-5
2 Prepare Muslin Blocks & Mark Guidelines 1-7
3 Draping & Marking the Front & Back Side Panels 1-8
4 Trueing the Front & Back Side Panels 1-17
5 Draping the Center Front Panel 1-4
6 Marking the Center Front Panel 1-4
7 Trueing the Center Front Panel 1-4
8 Draping the Center Back Panel 1-2
9 Marking the Center Back Panel 1-4
10 Trueing the Center Back Panel 1-4
11 Drafting the Princess Kimono Sleeve 1-20
12 Final Trueing 1-15
13 Convertible Collar 1-10
14 Button and Buttonhole Placement 1-3
15 Planning a Front Facing 1-2
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Step Description
1A Begin the drape, by applying style tape from apex to apex.
1B Tape the desired hemline, which for this silhouette will be 4” (10.2cm) below the waistline. Make sure that your style tape is parallel to the floor.
2A Establish the princess style lines by measuring down ¾” (1.9cm) from the plate screw and then apply style tape. Be sure that your front and back measurements are the same when measured from the side seam.

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