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Pressing Tools & Techniques

Pressing Tools & Techniques

This lesson will introduce you to the tools and techniques used to professionally press your garments. We will teach you how to press light to medium weight fabrics, how to press velvet and leather and what tools to use and when. The results will be the difference between a ‘homemade looking garment’ vs. one that looks professionally produced.

Module Description Step
1 Pressing Light-weight Fabrics 1-4
2 Pressing Napped Fabrics 1-3
3 Pressing Wool and Heavy-Weight Fabrics 1-3
4 Pressing Leather 1-2
5 Pressing Seams 1-4
6 Pressing Tailored Garments 1-6
7 Pressing Cuffs 1-4
8 Pressing Curved Seams 1-4
9 Pressing Sleeves 1-4
10 Spot Pressing 1-2
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MODULE 1 • Pressing Light-weight Fabrics

Step Description
1 Today’s lesson is pressing techniques.
2 Let’s begin with ironing light-weight fabrics.
3 The first thing you should do is test the steam on your iron.Be sure it’s not too hot. I would take a sample of fabric and try it first.

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