Portfolio Tips for Fashion College Admissions

Portfolio Tips for Fashion College Admissions

Portfolio Tips for Fashion College Admissions

This lecture will teach you what you need to know when starting the fashion college admissions process. Some of the steps may vary, depending upon which college you are applying to, but we’ll help you get the process started beginning with how to choose a school. We’ll provide tips on writing your essay, what schools look for in the essay and then show examples of winning student portfolios as inspiration.

This lesson will help demystify the fashion admissions process and help the aspiring designer’s dream come true.

Portfolios courtesy of designers: Nancy Kwan, Olivia Midgett and Ziyan Gong.

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Think Ahead

Hi, my name is Lauren Zodel, and today I’d like to talk to you about putting together your college admissions portfolio and show you some examples. If you’re a high school sophomore, start doing your research. Find the best fashion schools by viewing University of Fashion’s recommended list or by looking at other college resource guides and books. Decide on which school you’re interested in and make a list.

Things to think about when making choices for schools are school size, types of programs, accreditation, tuition and boarding costs, student/teacher ratio, number of famous alumni and career placement ratio. Download each school’s application for specifics on portfolio, essay and reference requirements.