Pin-basting a Sleeve

Pin-basting a Sleeve

Pin-basting a Sleeve

Pin-basting is a couture technique used for fitting and for presentation purposes. This lesson will demonstrate how to pin baste a sleeve to test the cap ease, the sleeve fit and how the sleeve will hang on the body. You can also apply the pin-basting technique on seams, collars, cuffs or whenever you desire a clean-looking presentation muslin.

The straight sleeve sloper needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our Pattern making lesson: Straight Sleeve Sloper.

The basic bodice muslin needed for this lesson can be found and draped in our Draping lesson: Bodice Sloper.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-5
2 Underarm Seam Pinning 1-2
3 Pin-basting the Cap 1-5
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MODULE 1 • Lesson Prep

Step Description
1A For this lesson, you will need a straight sleeve cut in #1 muslin.
1B You will also need a garment that has been planned for a sleeve and that is the same size as your straight sleeve muslin. Here we are using our Basic Bodice drape. Your sleeve should not measure any larger than 1” (2.5cm), when compared to your armhole.
2A We placed our heavy-duty thread in the bobbin and our cotton thread on top of the sewing machine. To sew our two rows of shirring stitches, we set our machine for 8-10 stitches per inch (2.5cm) and sewed the sleeve cap with the bobbin thread positioned on the right side of the sleeve.

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