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Pattern Layout on Plaid & Check Fabrics

Pattern Layout on Plaid & Check Fabrics

This lesson is on pattern layout for plaids & check fabrics and tips on how to match up plaid & check lines when placing and pinning your pattern pieces onto your fabric. Matching plaid & check lines on a garment is the hallmark of quality. Be sure to view our other fabric layout lessons for stripes, prints, engineered prints and napped fabrics.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-3
2 Pattern Notches for Matching Plaids 1-6
3 Plaid Pattern Layout, Pinning & Cutting 1-12
4 Final Steps 1-5
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MODULE 1 • Lesson Prep

Step Description
1A Now, we’re going to show you how to work with plaids and checks. They have to be lined up vertically, and they need to be lined up horizontally.
1B So, you’re going to start by selecting one of your plaid lines, and you’ll insert the pin into the corner and come out, and make sure that it’s matching on the other side.
1C So also, if you roll back you can see that they are matching here.


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