Operating TUKAdesign-#3

Operating TUKAdesign-#3

Operating TUKAdesign-#3

In this third lesson, you will learn about how to get started with the TUKAdesignhelp videos and help files, how to interact with the TUKAdesign layout, and how to use the keyboard shortcuts.

Before watching this lesson, view “Introduction to TUKAcad #1”, which will tell you how to subscribe to TUKAcad at a fantastic discount, courtesy of the University of Fashion.

Module Description Step
Introduction 1-3
1 External/Internal 1-3
2 How to Access Information 1-3
3 How to Use Tools 1-8
4 Right Mouse Click Option 1-3
5 Points 1-8
6 Movement 1-11
7 Previous/Next/Clockwise 1-9
8 Dialogs 1-18
9 Grainline 1-7
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Step Description
1 Welcome to the University of Fashion’s lessons on digital pattern making with TUKAcad, presented by Tukatech with collaboration with Martha Palaza. This lesson is Operating TUKAdesign
2 To get started with this lesson, you will first need to view our first lesson entitled, Introduction to TUKAcad, where you will learn how to purchase, subscribe and download TUKAcad software.
3 In this lesson, you will learn about the important basic conventions within which TUKAdesign operates, including how to find information about pattern objects, how to move within the system and how to navigate dialogs and forms.

Module 1 Terms – External vs Internal

Module 2 How to Access Information

Module 3 How to Use a Tool

Module 4 Right Mouse Click Option

Module 5 Points

Module 6 Movement

Module 7 Previous/Next/Clockwise

Module 8 Dialogs

Module 9 Grainline


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