Adobe Illustrator: Arranging Objects-#6

Moving, Copying & Arranging Objects in AI – #6

Moving, Copying & Arranging Objects in AI – #6

In this lesson, I will teach you simple ways to move, copy and arrange objects in Adobe Illustrator. We will work with a flat illustration of a Ladies Tank Top. In the first two modules, I will show you basic moving, nudging and copying techniques, followed by module three, which will demonstrate how to arrange these copies, and give you time to practice what you have learned.

Module Description Step
1 Moving Objects 1-11
2 Nudging Objects 1-6
3 Copy & Paste using the Clipboard 1-15
4 Copying Using Click & Drag 1-7
5 What is Arranging? 1-6
6 Arranging Objects 1-15
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MODULE 1 • Moving Objects

Step Description
1 Before we begin, download the Illustrator file named Ladies Tank Top supplied with this video. Save it to your desktop and open it as you have learned to do in previous lessons.There should be 2 drawings on your workspace: an outline of the Tank Top’s overall silhouette, and a fashion illustration showing stitching, draping and color detail.

  • For the purposes of this lesson I have grouped all the different components together, so the drawing will function as one object.
2 Check your workspace to see if it is set up the way you need it to be for this project.

  • Check that you are using the Technical Workspace you created previously, and that your rulers, guides and palettes are where you want them to be.
  • This is a great habit to develop now, one which will save you time on many future projects.

Once you are set up, we can begin to learn how to move objects, in this case, our Tank Top flats.

3 The simplest way to move these will be to use the Click & Drag method.
First, select the selection tool from the tools panel, or by pressing the letter V on our keyboard.


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