Mounting & Fitting a Suit Jacket Sleeve

Mounting & Fitting a Suit Jacket Sleeve

Mounting & Fitting a Suit Jacket Sleeve

In this lesson, we will demonstrate how to mount and fit your jacket suit sleeve into the armhole of your jacket muslin. You will learn how to prepare you jacket sleeve, mount your shoulder pad and some interesting tricks of the trade on how to adjust the fit of the sleeve, so that your jacket sleeves will look perfect, every time.

For this lesson you will need the muslin suit jacket that you draped in our Draping lesson: Jacket Draft & Drape and you will need the muslin suit sleeve that you drafted in our Pattern making lesson: Suit Sleeve from Measurements.

Module Description Step
1 Attaching and Measuring Sleeve 1-3
2 Attaching the Sleeve 1-3
3 Shoulder Pad 1-3
4 Mounting the Sleeve 1-5
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MODULE 1 • Attaching and Measuring Sleeve

Step Description
1A To start this lesson, you will need your Jacket Draft & Drape lesson muslin and your suit sleeve transferred into muslin from our lesson on how to Draft a Jacket Suit Sleeve from Measurements.
1B While the sleeve was flat, and before the dart and inseam were stitched, we ran 2 rows of shirring stitches from notch to notch. The first row is on the stitching line of the sleeve cap and the other ¼” (6mm) away from the first. Make sure that you leave enough thread tail at the beginning and end so that you can easily pull the threads to form the cap ease.
2A Also, while the sleeve was flat, you will mark or stitch your sleeve grainline and bicep line so that you can see how the sleeve hangs once it’s been set.

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